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Monitor Your Teens Safety and Driving Habits Online / Start Today!

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Where Is Your Teenage Driver?

Where Has Your Teen Driver Been?    For How Long?

How Fast Are They Driving?

Know For Sure With Our State Of  The Art GPS Monitoring Devices!

Mounts Permanently Under The Dash...Can't Be Easily Removed, Lost or Left at a Friends House.

Use As A Hidden GPS Or Visible As A Deterrent.



No Contract!

No Hidden Costs!

No Activation Fee!

Change Plan At Any Time!

Works With Any Cell Network In The USA or Canada.



Accurately Determine Where A Driver Has Traveled, How Fast They Were Driving, Where They  Stopped And For How Long.


Our Most Powerful Real Time GPS Teen Tracker.


The Real Time "RT Tracker"

Real Time Tracking

Log Into The Secure Control Panel On Your PC Browser And Have The Exact Location Of A Person Or Vehicle Sent To Your PC Every 1, 2 or 5 Minutes. Set Up An Invisible Boundary Or Speed Alert On The Control Panel And  Be Notified Via SMS Text Message Or Email If  The Vehicle Leaves Your Pre-Determined Area Or Travels Above Your Pre-Determined Speed.

Monthly Fee only $19.95  For "Unlimited" Tracking.

Real Time GPS Teen Vehicle Tracker, Auto Tracker, Car Tracker and Truck Tracker.

 Monitor Your Teenagers Location In Real Time.







List Price: $475.00

  Price After Instant Rebate: $299.00  

  Availability:   In Stock        

GPS Tracking Key...Use Hidden Or In Plain View As A Deterrent.


The GPS Tracking Key

No Monthly Fees

The GPS Tracking Key Gives A History Of Where A Person Or Vehicle Has Traveled Once Retrieved. Simply Plug The GPS Tracking Key Into Your PC's USB Port and View All Data. The Tracking Key Is Completely Portable, Battery Operated And Water Resistant. The GPS Tracking Key Has A Built In Heavy Duty Magnet for Mounting Under A Vehicle If  Desired.

No Monthly Fees!

Nothing Else To Purchase!

Used As Hidden GPS / Covert GPS  For Vehicle Monitoring and GPS  Teenager Tracking.




List Price: $299.00

  Price After Instant Rebate: $229.00        
  Availability:   In Stock        

This Is Your Real Time "RT Tracker" Easy To Use Online Control Panel.


Now with "Instant Locate", "Door Unlock" and "Starter Disable".

Addition Relay Required For Door Unlock And Starter Disable Features At  $25.   Call To Order.



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        We don't try to offer every gps tracking device on the market. We have searched the world over and have found what we believe is the best quality and best value  gps tracking systems available. We sell just one of each. One passive (history) GPS unit and one real time GPS unit. Thank you for considering our GPS teenager tracking products.                 

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The Tracking Devices From GPS Teen Tracking Are The Perfect Solution For Vehicle Tracking, Driver Tracking As Well As Teen Car Tracking. The GPS Tracking Key Is Weather Resistant So That It Can Function As a Hidden or Spy GPS Or Be Visible As a Deterrent  For Teenage Drivers. The GPS Tracking Key Doesn't Have Any Monthly Or Hidden Fees Which Makes It a Very Affordable Method For Tracking Teens, Tracking Vehicles Or Tracking Drivers. Use The HSI Tracker As a Real Time GPS Teen Tracker or Vehicle Tracker To Instantly Catch a Mischievous Teen Or Just Monitor a Teenagers Driving Habits with Live And  Instant Reporting. Track Your Teenager / Locate Your Teen Today With The Ultimate in Teen Car GPS Tracking Technology! Track Your Teens Car Today.